March 6th 2018 |

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Event agendas

Please find the event agenda for our BAME into Leadership 2022 events below.

Birmingham | 24th March




Chair's Welcome and Introduction

CHAIR: Sal Naseem, Regional Director for London, Independent Office for Police Conduct


Opening Keynote Address

Leading the Charge: challenging traditional leadership paths & behaviours

SPEAKER: Grace Ononiwu, Director of Legal Services, Crown Prosecution Service


Transition to breakout sessions


Breakout session A

The Power of Storytelling: using storytelling to overcome self-imposed barriers

SPEAKER: Gamiel Yafai, Managing Director, Diversity Marketplace

​Breakout session B

An Introduction to Public Speaking: laying the ground to communicate with impact

SPEAKER: Elaine Powell, Peak Performance & Communication Expert, SWC Consultancy and Training

​Breakout session C

Preparing for your next role: are you ready for a promotion?

SPEAKER: Richard Hillsdon, Dods Trainer


Comfort Break


Permanent Secretary Address

Compassionate Leadership: creating a culture of inclusivity & inspiring positive change

SPEAKER: Bernadette Kelly, Permanent Secretary, Department for Transport and Civil Service Social Mobility Champion


Transition to breakout sessions


​Breakout session D

3 Keys to Manage Difficult Conversations with Ease

SPEAKER: Elaine Powell, Peak Performance & Communication Expert, SWC Consultancy and Training

Breakout session E

Introversion in Leadership: unleashing your quiet power

SPEAKER: Richard Etienne, Award-winning Brand Consultant & Former Civil Servant

​Breakout session F

Getting through the Sift and the Interview: understanding what influences the selectors

SPEAKER: Richard Hillsdon, Dods Trainer


Break for Lunch


Panel Discussion: 

Being the only one in the room: from imposter to empowered

SPEAKER: Justin Placide, Head of Home Energy Retrofit Enablers, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy; Co-Chair of the FAME Network & the Civil Service Race Forum

SPEAKER: Mel Nebhrajani CB, Director General, Employment with Economic Recovery and UK Governance, Government Legal Department

SPEAKER: Cheryl Samuels, Deputy Director of Workforce Transformation – London Region, NHS England and NHS Improvement


Comfort Break


Closing Address

Leadership Mindset: embracing innovation and driving forward success

SPEAKER: Elliott Rae, Founder, MusicFootballFatherhood


Chair's Closing Remarks

CHAIR: Sal Naseem, Regional Director for London, Independent Office for Police Conduct